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Robotic welding stations

Composed of robots and external axes

Robotic welding station consisting of 3 Fanuc AM100i /12 industrial robots with 4 additional control axes for positioners in the MultiArm system. The total number of all robotic axes of the entire system is 22 drives. Fronius TPS 320i Pulse CMT welding machines were used as welding sources.


The purpose of the application is welding a steel structure with a total length of 6m, consisting of 52 elements, which gives almost 400 welds with different current characteristics. Parts are loaded in the assumed order, about which operators are informed by means of graphics displayed on the operator panel. The parts are held in the sockets with pneumatic clamps, the total number of which is 270 pieces on both welding tools. After loading the details by the operators, the tools are changed.


The ready-welded structure is automatically evacuated outside the station with the help of an automatic manipulator for further processing. The cycle time of the station is 12 minutes for 1 piece.

Robotic welding cells

The company TRASKO Automatyka has designed, manufactured and launched a robotic welding cell for a customer who directs his offer to the agricultural and metal industry. The purpose of the application was to achieve greater efficiency by reducing welding time and to obtain greater quality and repeatability of welded elements.


The welding cell includes: Kawasaki RA10L 6-axis industrial robot with certified Cubic-S safety function, FRONIUS TransSteel 5000 welding source, TBi cleaning station and a rotary table with welding instruments and safety barrier with electro-bolt secured door. The additional Cubic-S safety function has reduced the area occupied by the welding cell.


Six different welding references were implemented using the same welding tools. Below we present a short film showing the welding cycle of 3 elements.

Robotic welding cell in MIG technology

The purpose of the station was welding of aluminum heat exchanger construction for electric cells with the use of MIG technology. Welding was related to spigot connection for tightness with a core. For this purpose, a robotic cell equipped with an ArcMate 100iC robot and a welding source was implemented. The tools had the control for the presence of parts, communication with the controller through distributed modules.


The innovative program ensured minimised micro-downtime through full machine diagnostics and improvements in welding parameter settings. The tool provided welding for 4 types of parts. After the welding cycle was completed, the data was saved in the database system.

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