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Building Automation Department

Design scope:

  • Internal and external electrical installations
  • Teletechnical installations
  • Building automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Emergency and evacuation lighting


Production range:

  • Low Voltage electrical switchboards
  • Control & Measuring Equipment and Automation switchboards, control switchboards
  • Building Management System switchboards


Service scope:

  • Low Voltage electrical installations
  • Teletechnical installations including
  • BMS and HVACR
  • Structural networks
  • fire alarm system and smoke extraction devices
  • sound warning system
  • CCTV
  • access control, burglary and assault signaling system
  • TV - SAT



  • PLC
  • Operator panels
  • BMS systems


Our projects:

  • Comprehensive electrical installation: Shopping Center "Borek"
  • Comprehensive electrical installation: Shopping Center "Legnica"
  • Implementation of the switchboard: "Kaufland" Bydgoszcz
  • Implementation of the switchboard: "Promenade ZITA" Wrocław
  • Modernization of automation: "OBI" Leszno
  • Modernization of automation: "OBI" Ostrołęka
  • Modernization of automation: Shopping Center "Ostrovia"
  • Connection of the electricity and IT network to mobile tool cabinets: "Imperial Tobacco Manufacturing S.A" Radom


List of recommending companies:

  • Trasko-Inwest Sp. z o.o.
  • Shopping Center „Borek”
  • Shopping Center „Legnica”
  • „Kaufland” Bydgoszcz
  • „Promenade ZITA” Wrocław
  • „OBI” Leszno
  • „OBI” Ostrołęka
  • Shopping Center „Ostrovia”
  • Imperial Tobacco Manufacturing S.A. Radom
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