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The most advanced AI-powered prosthetics 'ever created'
17 December 2022

The Utah Bionic Leg combines motors, processors, and cutting-edge artificial antelligence (AI), giving amputees the strength and mobility to perform actions that the average person might take for granted.


"It is a superior prosthetic knee, incomparable to any currently available product," said Hans Georg Näder, owner and chairman of the board of directors at Ottobock, on Wednesday, during the collaborative launch.


Amputees rely on their intact legs and upper body to compensate for the lack of support provided by their prescribed prosthesis. With the Utah Bionic Leg, this is less of a problem because the prosthesis' increased power facilitates mobility.

"If you walk faster, it will walk faster for you, and give you more energy. Or, it adapts automatically to the height of the steps in a staircase. Or, it can help you cross over obstacles," said Lenzi.



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