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PIAP's Robotics Repository: Bridging the Past and Future of Automation
13 November 2023

In the dynamically evolving world of automation and robotics, access to accumulated knowledge and technical achievements is key to innovation and progress. In this context, the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) introduces the Robotics Repository – a resource with the potential to change the way the industry approaches education, research, and development.


History and Mission of PIAP:

PIAP, a leader in the field of automation and robotics for decades, continually strives to support industry and science through innovative solutions. The Robotics Repository is the next step in fulfilling this mission, offering unprecedented access to technical knowledge.


What is the Robotics Repository?

The Robotics Repository is a treasure trove of information that contains details about historical and the latest achievements in the field of automation and robotics. It is a platform that allows users access to a wide range of data, from technical documentation to the latest research and development.


Significance for Industry and Science:

For businesses and academic institutions, the Repository is an invaluable source of information. It enables quick access to data needed for designing new systems, education, and research and development initiatives. It is a tool that can significantly speed up the innovation process.


Use Cases and Benefits:

The Repository can be utilized in various scenarios - from assisting students and researchers in gaining knowledge, to supporting engineers in designing advanced automation systems. Access to such concentrated knowledge opens up new possibilities for technological development.


Expert Quote:

Dr. Anna Kowalska, a robotics expert at PIAP, says: "The Robotics Repository is a milestone in our pursuit of democratizing technical knowledge. It offers a unique opportunity to merge theory with practice, which is invaluable in the rapidly changing world of technology."


Impact on Innovation and Technological Development:

The PIAP Robotics Repository has the potential to become a catalyst for innovation in the industry. By providing easy access to comprehensive knowledge, it can significantly influence the pace of development of new technologies in automation and robotics.


Application Example:

In one research project, a team of engineers used the Repository to develop a new vision system for industrial robots. Thanks to access to extensive data and research, the design time was reduced by 30%.



The PIAP Robotics Repository is not just a collection of data – it is a bridge connecting the past with the future of automation. Its impact on industry and science will grow as more and more people and organizations begin to use it, contributing to the development of innovative solutions in the industry.


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