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Face recognition terminals

Control and measurement terminal


The terminal functions as follows: when one approaches the terminal the automatic temperature measurement is carried out by means of face monitoring (thermal image combined with body temperature analysis). The measured temperature is displayed on the LCD screen along with a voice message indicating the result.

The terminals can be used in conjunction with entrance gates (tripod), swing gates, and entrance doors opened manually (electric lock) or automatically


In addition to temperature control, we can check whether the face mask is worn properly and whether it covers the mouth and nose. The system is precise and when the mask is incorrectly worn, access is denied.


The terminal can be configured depending upon the client's needs and may include additional functions, e.g. ticket control, people counting, cooperation with access control systems (KD).


The system can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors, e.g. during cultural events. In this case, in addition to measuring body temperature and determining if a mask is being worn correctly, the system can perform other operations e.g. scanning and verifying the ticket.


The device can be made stationary or mobile. Its small dimensions and low weight allow for transport without the use of specialized equipment. The compact shape and structure of the system allow it to be used in many applications.


The system is expandable, easy to use, contactless and eliminates close contact with potentially sick people.


System advantages:

  • immediate reaction after detecting an increased temperature (possibility to control another system, e.g. light, sound, access control, etc.),
  • effective and immediate detection of the lack of a mask on the face,
  • automatic recording of increased body temperature to the user database, recording of alarm events,
  • e-mail notifications about alarms (fever, no mask),
  • user management, personalization,
  • the Smart Terminal can be integrated with other devices and executive systems (e.g. gates, doors, tripods, barriers),
  • simultaneous face scanning and body temperature measurement,
  • short measurement time, face identification time (0.2 s) and temperature measurement (max. 2 seconds) ensure quick movement of people through the control point,
  • fully automated and highly efficient,
  • very low energy consumption,
  • contactless measurement,
  • cooperation of terminals with a central database or autonomous operation as an independent system for screening people,
  • voice communication in Polish,
  • low failure rate,
  • the ability to configure the displayed results and information, e.g. leaving only the OK / NOK signaling,
  • automatic deletion of saved photos,
  • Smart terminal meets the GDPR guidelines.


The device is suitable for use in public institutions, office buildings, schools, hospitals, clinics, commercial facilities, petrol stations, gyms and fitness clubs, sports halls, museums, exhibition halls, mass events, concerts and others.


Control and measurement terminal with a dispenser for hand disinfection


The terminal is mounted on an aluminum leg with adjustable height. Additionally, a variable output automatic liquid dispenser with three levels for the disinfection of hands is installed.

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