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Automation vs. Automatization
29 September 2023

In today's world of technological advancement, the words "automation" and "automatization" are becoming increasingly popular. Although both terms refer to the application of technology to streamline processes, they have different meanings and applications.


Automation is the science of control systems. It focuses on the autonomous operation of systems that respond to specific signals. It can be found in many fields of engineering, from car control systems to complex industrial systems.


On the other hand, automatization refers to the process of using technology to perform tasks without human intervention. It is a broader concept and applies to many fields, from production to services. Automatization aims to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and consistency of processes.


But why do we so often confuse these two concepts? The history of both terms is long and complicated, but at some point, their paths began to intersect when technology began to play a key role in industry. Modern industrial processes often combine elements of both automation and automatization, leading to ambiguity in their use. In everyday language, the tendency to simplify or merge concepts makes the boundaries between them less clear.


Distinguishing between automation and automatization is important for several reasons. Firstly, it allows for the correct application of technology. Understanding which solutions are most appropriate depending on needs is key to their effective implementation. Secondly, a clear distinction between concepts can lead to more sophisticated and effective automatization. Finally, clear communication in an educational and training environment is essential for future engineers and specialists who will create and implement new technologies.


In short, although automation and automatization are inextricably linked with modern industry and technology, it's essential to understand their differences and apply them correctly.


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