Inteligent Buildings Department

Building Automation Department deals with...

Scope of Project:

  • Electrics installation, inside and outside
  • Communications installations
  • Building automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Emergency lighting and evacuation

Product range:

  • Electrics switchgear NN
  • Switchgear AKPiA and control
  • Switchgear BMS

Scope of service:

  • Implementation of electrics installation NN
  • Communications installation
  • BMS and HVACR
  • Structural networks
  • SAP and smoke equipment
  • DSO
  • CCTV
  • KD and SSW and N
  • TV - SAT


  • PLC
  • Operator panels
  • BMS systems

Our projects:

  • Comprehensive electrics installation: Gallery "Borek"
  • Comprehensive electrics installation: Gallery "Legnica"
  • Switchgear implementation "Kaufland" Bydgoszcz
  • Switchgear implementation "Promenade ZITA" Wrocław
  • Modernisation of automation, "OBI" Leszno
  • Modernisation of automation, "OBI" Ostroleka
  • Modernisation of automation, Gallery "Ostrovia"
  • Electric and IT connection to mobile tool cabinets, "Imperial Tobacco Manufacturing S.A." Radom

List of companies:

  • Trasko-Inwest Sp. z o.o.
  • Galeria „Borek”
  • Galeria „Legnica”
  • „Kaufland” Bydgoszcz
  • „Promenada ZITA” Wrocław
  • „OBI” Leszno
  • „OBI” Ostrołęka
  • Galeria „Ostrovia”
  • Imperial Tobacco Manufacturing S.A. Rad
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