Industiral Automation Department

Sales Department:

Wherever there is a task or a problem to solve, wherever you need a machine or a whole production line, there is always someone in our sales department to help. Our goal is to diagnose a problem, collect assumptions and investment limitations and to present a concept of the solution and its valuation to meet these assumptions. We rely on our own experience, as well as on our colleagues’ experience from all departments of the company TRASKO Automatyka.

Responding to the needs of an increasingly demanding and dynamically growing market, we optimize the preparation time of valuation and prepare our offers in different languages. Due to our experience and the large number of projects that have already been implemented by our company, we can assist as consultants in the field of automation, overcoming performance problems, eliminating bottlenecks in production or increasing the return of investment. We operate both on the domestic and foreign markets.

Mechanics Design Department:

Mechanics Design Department is a department, that in most cases of our projects, begins the process of creating a new machine. The optimal design concept of solving a task, that is placed in front of us, is our goal. We are supported by specialists from departments of automation design and software, as well as experienced technicians. Based on our long experience and knowledge of our colleagues and including all the assumptions and design restrictions, we prepare the 3D concept using the software Solidworks 2016. For each project, we take into account the ergonomics of the future operator that will operate our machine.

We construct:

  • assembly stations, both automatic and semi-automatic
  • electrical sockets fascilitating the assembly, pre-assembly or inspection
  • control stations, for example testers for tightness and underpressure or stations with vision systems
  • pneumatic presses, pneumo-hydraulic presses or hydraulic presses
  • analog measurement stations
  • robotic applications
  • applications for aluminium or steel pipe bending
  • all production lines
  • dedicated machines, prototypes, special machines
  • modernisation of already existing machines

We approach each project individually because our daily life is based on prototype machines. In fact, we rarely get a task that we are not willing to take or we do not know how to accomplish. Up to date, we verify our knowledge of market novelty and trends. We do not hesitate to use innovative solutions in our projects.

Automation Design Department:

Our task is to design and select the equipment in terms of power supply and control (electrics, pneumatics, hydraulics) for each machine produced by Trasko Automatyka, taking into account the highest priority such as safety of the operator working with our machine. Also, ergonomics and the ease of operating access to designated places is of a great importance to us.

Our projects with technical documentation of control and automation systems are performed with the use of EPLAN P8 software. We use our suppliers, such as Festo and SMC, to design the pneumatic schemes. We select the solutions to meet the requirements of our clients in terms of functionality and safety of the application. One of the stages of each of our project is to develop a risk assessment in accordance with the guidelines of the norm PN-EN ISO 12100: 2012F. In addition, we design projects and technical documentation for the electrical industry and building automation.

We also take the challenge of modernising existing machines and their control systems, at the same time increasing their level of safety to the level of the current Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and standards harmonized with it. We are up to date not only with the trends in terms of products and components, but also in the field of ergonomic requirements and other regulations defining principles of machine construction.

Software Department:

Software Department consists of qualified engineers with many years of experience in the automation industry. We develop algorithms, programming, diagnostics, modification and start-ups of all kinds of assembly, control, and robotic stations, special machines, assembly and production lines.

We program, run and configure PLC controllers, HMI panels, vision systems, industrial robots, all kinds of sensors and equipment used in industrial automation. We use hardware and software from renowned manufacturers such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi, Kawasaki, Pro-Face, Sick, Keyence, Festo and many other world leaders from the field of automation and robotics.

In our applications, we pay attention primarily to reliability and easy intuitive operation of machines by future operators. We focus on development and self-improvement to keep extending our competences, following the development of the industry and taking part in many training courses and presentations. We are not afraid of new challenges, adjust to the latest standards and high requirements of our clients.

Project Managing Department:

People carrying out projects in TRASKO Automatyka constantly improve their qualifications in terms of the optimal delivery of a project which is of a very good quality and a certain scope, on time and within the specified budget. We improve our qualifications both through self-education, courses, training and direct experience of the already completed and successful projects. We are known methodologies of project management such as Prince2, PMI, or even Agile.

Based on our own experience and knowing the assumptions of recognized standards, we have developed our own optimum methodology for implementing our projects. We always optimize processes, but also we are open to changes, which will inevitably appear in the course of implementation. Flexibility is our main slogan. The path of the project begins with a concept and ends with the successfully completed implementation that meets the client’s requirements.

Assembly Department:

Assembly department implements complex mechanics and control system assembly built in machines and production lines.

In the department works the qualified staff with many years of professional experience, who treat assigned tasks not only as work but also passion. With such experienced staff, we confidently and effectively maintain services both internally and externally. By continuously raising the qualifications of the employees and their commitment, we perform the assigned tasks on time. In order to ensure the highest quality, the assembly department is divided into a team of mechanics fitters mechanics and a team of control systems.

We follow a simple equation of relation:



Purchasing Department:

We are the department that supports project implementation. Each project has a countless number of so-called purchasing components. It is our role for them to arrive on time according to the schedule. Logistics, transport, cost optimization, price negotiations with suppliers are our everyday life and that is what we like to do most.


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