Hydraulic press for crimping the tank heat exchangers

The company Trasko Automatyka is a leading supplier of the comprehensive solution of a hydraulic press for crimping the heat exchangers. The machine is designed to work with the operator through the automatic system of feeding the exchangers to the tool of the press. The device is equipped with a number of components that control the correctness of an assembled detail. The main element of this system is the control with the use of vision sensors. Another advantage of our solution is the ability to automatically adjust the width of the entrance to the different variants of the component, which is implemented through the servo system that controls the guides. The press consists of a hydraulic cylinder with a nominal load of 20 tons and a maximum oil pressure of 160 bar.
Every machine is optimized in terms of the cycle time reduction and the ease of maintenance - with a readable operator panel and easy access to critical spots of the machine.
The company Trasko Automatyka has already produced 12 hydraulic presses.

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